Thursday, May 27, 2010

It’s not a book, it’s not a blog, this is both, and I am calling it a blook™.

I am dedicating this blook™ to Kurt Vonnegut — this is a portrait I took of him a couple of years ago — actually six months before he passed away. He has always inspired me.

what I wore the day I shot Kurt Vonnegut PART 2  HAPPY BIRTHDAY KURT!!! (11/11/06)

Boobs, jockeys, boobs, jazz, boobs. That works right? That’s a nice title, right? Right Kurt?

Like, if that was a poker hand, like it pretty much is — a poker hand I dealt myself — a poker hand I bet on, bluffed and shot for the over 8 years I have been shooting in the city, what would you call that hand? Is that hand a winner or a loser — or a lifestyle?

I’ve always believed that you have to write your own life. And when I look at the life I have now, well, it really looks like a life I have to get creative with. As in, if you were in a creative writing class and your teacher gives you a story that you have to finish as an exercise. A story like this:

What have you done? You’ve become a photojournalist in New York City. You call yourself lensjockey™. You shot jockeys (and jazz, and more) for 8 years already, you thought you could make jockeys stars, like the stars you saw them as. Then you thought you could make some underground jazz performers stars too, hahah you are pretty funny. It’s amazing how forceful irrational dreams can be. We’ll see what happens with the irrational dreams… and…

your whole thing in fact, for years, as lensjockey™, was that what you did was ride the unknown longshots/subjects you thought would be great winners someday. You rode the jockeys, you rode the jazz, but somehow the jockeys and the jazz just were not getting you where you wanted to be, and where you wanted to be was the winners circle, the winners circle of pop culture pop-photojournalists. And very recently you looked at this one shot you took, (a very nice set of tittage) racking up the hits all day one day (like very few portraits [of anybody] do) while you were at your sittindown-for-10-odd-hours job… and you saw the big picture. And that picture was the story you wanted to write your life to be.

I THINK like a jockey. LENSJOCKEY™ wants to be the source for the view to invisible worlds unknown to most. I think like a jockey with an eye for pictures who likes jazz and shooting boobs. That’s what you are gonna get from me. Boobs, jockeys, boobs, jazz, boobs. Well, and alot of other stuff too of course. But I wanted to make a point. LOOK! hahaha.


Dada boobs

Boobs are the period at the end of the sentence that every burlesque performance is.