Tuesday, June 16, 2009


steamy angels

It made me so jealous. When I saw it in the "contact" sheet of pictures that you get in flickr, I just wished I'd taken it soooo badly. I have been trying to get something like that of Grand Central Station's gods and goddesses for so long! And there they were! 

The colors are exquisite and the composition and framing are perfection. The Gods have spoken.

Jason is a lensjockey who covers the city and shoots the real city. His eye is simple, direct, subtle, clean, energetic, and it is no wonder that his pictures are often used by those who wish to show a simple yet eloquent idea about the city.

Readers of gothamist, CURBED, THE NEW YORK OBSERVER — web sites about this awesome city — are familiar with his images. 

Images like:


views from high line

high line

...images like these, with their smart poetry and clean lines — these are images that describe the simple truths of the city — the beautiful truths of the city we all walk around in each day. I often imagine Jason Kuffer walking around the city with his eyes forever opened to the delicious tidbits any real New Yorker cannot help but nibble.

It took me awhile to appreciate his images, they are so unlike my own. Jason Kuffer's images whisper where my own images are more aggressive. It took me some time to understand his own language, but now that I know it I love it. His pics are like sushi to me, little raw tasty elegant portions of the city.

*smacks lips* hahaha
have a taste! It's on Jason!


(that's him!)

Sometimes he sees something like this that is just so freakin unbelievable though, he definitely has range...

Brooklyn Bridge

I mean look at that! He can go from a whisper to a proclamation about this city. Effortlessly.

As lensjockeys go, "Digiart2001 | jason.kuffer" deserves attention. He's active and has a great sense of style and humor, and he gets around. I suggest that you follow how work. You will see the small and the monumental... in ways that embrace you. And this beautiful city.


Thanks Jason for your pictures of this city I love so so much.


  1. Great Photos! IS that a part of the High Line, now open? Wow when I left it was only in the talking stage!

  2. yeah, Jason has taken so many great (and informative) shots of the city - as for your question about the High Line, I am not sure myself, not having been there yet, but if you look at http://www.thehighline.org/ — it seems that the whole thing is open.

  3. Great photos.. will have to follow him somewhere. I want that top right tire and just roll it around the city for no reason:)