Friday, October 30, 2009

The Big Voice of New Orleans

New Meschiya Lake episode of LENSJOCKEY blogumentary

I love Duke Ellington

This is the Bible of punkjazz. The gent on the cover is no other than Punk Jazz Duke himself, the god of punkjazz. I made up my own religion (punkjazz) because frankly, religions just don't say anything to me or for me. They are all from too long ago, and strike me as outdated operating systems which have only become corrupted and ineffective. I mean, really, to me, New York City is heaven... for real. I cant imagine a heaven someone made up so long ago saying anything that can help us now.

So, who are the saints of punkjazz? Cuz there's gotta be saints for a religion right? Hmmm, now who could possibly fill the shoes of the first saint of punkjazz... that someone would have to rock... be UNMISTAKEABLY punkjazz... or noone would EVER believe in this new religion.

Miss Meschiya Lake is who Punk Jazz Duke led me to.

South Dakota rocks Brooklyn's ass, via New Orleans.

She's got the voice of my kind of angel. And I just can't relate to all the poofy babies and clouds and robes. Give me some tattooes and fire and style please... something to call my own heaven on earth voice. The first saint of punkjazz busks on the streets of our world now, all fiery and sexy and with her own style of jazz and punk and reality.

and you know, where else would the first saint of punkjazz come from... I mean seriously!

Here she is, spreading the good word.

Meschiya Lake in Washington Square Park

Can't tell me she ain't no saint.

Wanna hear the word?

That's where it's at.


  1. holly, that blogmentary was awesome!!! next time you shoot meschiya, can i be your assistant?

  2. hey maybe, I never thought of anything like having an assistant hahah. If I hear about another performance, I'll tell you. thanks Sharlie!